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BHUVAR TECHNOLOGIES strength lies in its combination of diversity and flexibility.

Diversity in exposure to common reagents & reactions:
button Generation of enolates using LDA or LHMDS & preparation of enamines
button Pd based chemistry & various condensation reactions
button Grignard & Wittig reactions, protection & deprotection reactions
button Handling of phosgene, cyanide reactions, Mitsonobu reactions
button Chiral synthesis using chiral reagents or chiral catalysts and liquid ammonia reactions
button General reactions like oxidations, reductions using LAH, Dibal-H, hydrogenations including high-pressure types
button Use of Carbohydrates & Amino acids in making chiral building blocks
button Cryogenic Reaction’s (Upto –70°C)
button All glass reaction vessels of various sizes, up to 100 lit capacity
button Process Development, Optimization and Validation
button Custom synthesis; gm to multi-ton quantities
button Scale up, Optimization and Validation
button Manufacture of NCE’s and their intermediates
button Manufacture of API’s & their intermediates
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