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BHUVAR TECHNOLOGIES, is an INDIA - based company specializing in the manufacture and supply of organic fine, specialty and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Formed by highly qualified and experienced scientists, BHUVAR TECHNOLOGIES is built on the foundations of many years experience of the fine chemical industry, and soon became acknowledged as a highly reputable, competitive source of organic fine chemicals, Drug Intermediate’s in semi-bulk and bulk quantities.

The dedicated team of employees covers all aspects of a supplier of high quality chemicals from the strong technical department, to the efficient administrative, production and distribution teams, by adhering to the norms of safety, health and environment.
Chemistry capabilities
button Reduction & Oxidation (Catalytic, Chemical)
button Epoxidation reactions
button Carbanion generation
button Halogenation
button Chlorosulphonation
button Cyanation
button Grignard Reactions
button Cryogenic Reaction’s (Upto –70°C)
button Chiral Chemistry: Resolution & Racemisation
button Asymmetric Synthesis
button Alkylation & Amidation
button Other miscellaneous reactions
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telephoneicon Please Contact with +91 09849396291, +91-40-24097040
mailicon emial : bhuvartech@yahoo.com, bhuvartechnologies@yahoo.com, info@bhuvartech.com
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